Testing an NLP Product

Hey guys,

I’m putting together a belief change audio for a pattern I’m fairly sure is not well-known in the NLP community. I need a few people who are willing to listen to the audio and read the PDF I’ve created and give me feedback. Here are the conditions:

a) you must never have used the Meta Yes Meta No Patterns
b) You must be prepared to give feedback within five days – if you are too busy that’s fine but have integrity and don’t ask for it in the first place.
c) I need to know primarily if you can get the pattern to work from the instructions I have given. Presentation and all else can be commented on but it is second to the primary aim. So, did you destroy and create beliefs, and then any comments on making it easier to use, read etc. Lastly, how does the presentation look?

If you’re interested let me know at doug@livingwords.net In return for your feedback you can keep the pattern, receive an updated version and I will give you a copy of my audio course The Personal PowerPack which is well worth having.

Kind regards,

Doug Cartwright :)

Testing an NLP Product

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