Thank You

Hello everyone

I heard from a colleague NLP Connections was closing, so I dropped by tonight to see what was happening here and sadly it seems to be true, Connections will be closing. :(:(

I would like to acknowledge what this forum has done for the NLP community and the contribution Chris Morris has made through the years of hosting a forum in an impartial manner. I had my doubts in the early days whether this forum would represent NLP in an even and fair way and to his credit Chris has been impeccable.

I would also like to acknowledge my fellow contributors here who made the effort through the years to post their views and experiences. Some of the discussions were full of passion, I recall the spates I had with Eric Robbie, Joergan, Wayne Marsh (and Andrew Austin in the early days) to name a few. Whilst we did not agree and sometimes the discussions were not pretty the forum gave us a media to express our views and argue our differences, this can only be good. So guys thanks for the debates, and indulging me. Whilst I may not have agreed with you, I always respected you (and still do) so best wishes.

The question is can something like Connections be replicated, who knows? it takes a lot of commitment and drive from an impartial person…any takers?

Regards to all and special thanks to Chris


Thank You

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