The First NLP Sushi

[h=1]The First NLP Sushi[/h]

You may have already heard about the new NLP Sushi events running in London by the NLP Academy. This is where NLPers get together to learn, share and eat great sushi. This post is an overview of the first event.

The relaxed atmosphere of UKAI was a great setting for the first ever NLP Sushi evening. On the second floor of the modern restaurant was where the event started. As people came through and registered they had a chance to get a drink and chat at the bar with Michael and the team. It was great to see so many new people, making this their first experience with the NLP Academy. No ties, no seminar chairs or power points. Just a relaxed restaurant with comfy sofas and good company.

Michael Carroll began his presentation right on time. At the half way point of 2011 this NLP Sushi was a perfect time to take stock of the year so far and make preparations for the remainder of the year to come.

Travelling back we started to take a look at our year so far and how it had contributed to our goals. We then, from a non bias viewpoint, looked with clarity at the areas we could improve. Moving forward we projected the success and proactively onto the year to come, making commitments to act on those small units of improvement that would set up the bigger changes. The butterfly effect.

As the session came to a close the sushi came forth. We all took our seats and were treated to Salmon and Tuna Chirashi, Vegetarian Futomaki, Prawn tempura and more! As we ate it was evident that we were in excellent company. We spoke, ate and drank on long after the session had officaly finished and we had a chance to get to meet everyone there on a much more personal basis than at a normal NLP evening.

The evening was such a success we have made this a permanent feature on our schedule. You too can join us on the 3rd Tuesday of each month for our special NLP Sushi evenings. At £15.00 you get a fabulous value with buffet sushi and an evening on NLP and self development. Our next session will be on the 19th of July ‘NLP Sushi – The Acronym of Fear’. For more details on this event please look below.

[h=4]NLP Sushi – The Acronym of Fear (False, Expectations, Appearing, Real)[/h] 19th July
This evening is about breaking the hold that fear of failure or fear of success has on day to day performance and how to move to a space where you are motivated through the brilliance of your goals, not the fear of what might happen if you don?t succeed. Fear in ?most? cases is a useless illusion; the acronym is False Expectations Appearing Real. When people have fear the are projecting failure and in doing so experience body sensations labeled fear. You can easily project success and experience and experience body sensations that are useful for high performance.


6:00 pm – 6:30 pm – arrival
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm – ‘The Acronym of Fear’ Presentation from Michael Carroll
7:45 pm – Buffet Sushi served (inclusive in the price)
8:45 pm – onwards, social; enjoy the ambience of the UKAI Sushi bar with fellow NLPers

UKAI – Sushi Bar
Trainers Michael Carroll
Registration: 6:00pm
Start Time: 6:30pm
Finish Time: 9:30pm

Price: £12.50 (£15.00 inc VAT)
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The First NLP Sushi

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