The Great Distraction

Hey everyone.

I wrote a new blog post today and wanted to share what I’d written with you all too. :)

I’ll copy the post here and put a link at the end to the original version.


Reading through Twitter yesterday afternoon I came across a tweet by Robert Holden quoting Ekhart Tolle;

“The world is not here to make you happy; it is here to wake you up.”

Since then I haven’t been able to get that quote out of my head and in some ways, the rest of this post is kind of ironic given the context.

What struck me was the question, what if our time here on this earth really is to wake us up?
What if we’ve already spent enough time living inside our minds and this place, this time, is all about getting outside of that and truly waking up, possibly for the first time in our lives.

The question seemed at first to be counter-intuitive to me given that I’ve spent so much time on the inside, figuring out who I am, what my place on this planet, how I can become more of the real me.

I thought for a few moments that this way of being, waking up and being outside of my own head seemed to go against the grain in terms of my idea of what spiritual development is and the learning’s I’ve enjoyed experiencing over the years.

Then my friend asked me the question: “If we were just to experience the outside, without interpreting it or doing something with it, what would be the point of us?”

Right into my mind popped the answer “Maybe we are the point of us”.

I think that might sound a bit trite to some people so I’ll explain what I think I mean a little bit.

Perhaps our purpose here really is to just wake up. Perhaps us being here is the entire point of our existence. I think it’s more than just existing though.

What if there’s a way that we can exist in the world without all our stories? If we remove all those ideas and truths and concepts and metaphors that we tell ourselves about who we are, what our place is, what our purpose is and why things are the way they are.

What might happen if we really wake up from the temptation to live inside our own heads and instead experience this material world just as it is, without the judgements.

Walking to the train station this morning considering Robert’s Tweet I wondered to myself, What if this world is a brilliant distraction from our internal worlds in the hope of truly waking us up.

Trying on the experience I noticed how much of this outside world is paved with the internal worlds of so many different people. It’s as if our temptation is to stay inside, and while we can’t, we’ll make the outside as much like the inside as we possible can. Cars, houses, fences, lamp posts, trains and train stations. What would the outside world be like if we didn’t mould it into the shapes of our imagination?

I don’t have any answers to any of the questions here and I’m not expecting to find any. I like the idea of inviting people to share experiences and I guess that’s what this post is all about.

I’ve heard people quote the phrase “Food for thought”. Today I’m on a diet and I’m really enjoying it.


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Thanks for reading :) Love, Jamie

The Great Distraction

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