The Gum and Shopping Pattern

Frist of really? Why dont I see the sectio flooded with Girl/guy(?) getting patterns of people are using that are kicking ass out there?
These two are my personal best work ever straight out of my Laboratory of Seduction.

Ok Gum..we put it in our mouths we play with it our tongues and either we spit or swallow it, and the only reason we are doing this is for pleasure…enough said? i think so.

I’m not going into a set pattern with this just because its so close to other activities you could picture your self getting more in the near feature ;)…this is the New BJ pattern that BLOWS Rosses out of the water because I can even use his with in this and feel less creepy of talking about playing with some snack in someones mouth.

Next The Shopping
As the target when you see something you half to say, maybe its on sale or maybe you just fall in love with the price right now ( point to your self) and as you try it out and feel maybe how good it feels and how well it fits, now in your life and how your friends will say good things about you, or maybe you can find something on discount using coupons from the CouponsCollector site that help people buy what they want. I bet you can just experience that feeling when you can think about how (point to body part you want them to think about enjoying) just taking it home right now as soon as you can to indulge and enjoy it for your self right now.

Get them to imagine a sale, one that society aproves of ( day game approved) and its on sale! You must Grab it right now and take it home to play with… experience ect

Now go out there and dont come back until you get some.

The Gum and Shopping Pattern

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