The Limbic System and Mental Illness

This is uniquley mine and i am happy with it for now as it goes some way against the pro-psychiatry agrument I have been making on this forum until now. This is in part thanks to the provocation of Joergen.

Three of the major presenting problems with doctors and psychologists could be said to be anger, anxiety/panic, and depression. These are powerful hindrances that people will self medicate for or are given drugs for by psychiatrists.

My simple theory is that these are not in fact chemical imbalances but natural limbic system responses we ignore at our peril. We have all read about the fight or flight mechanism based in the mammalian limbic system. We now have added a third category belonging to our ancestors, that of freezing. So the three F’s of fight, flight and freeze become anger, anxiety and depression. In our modern times the "enemy" may not be a lion prowling the high street but the car cutting us up when we are late to a meeting. or the constant horror stories from our newspapers and television sets. And finally a sense of total powerlessness/hoplessness over our environment (external locus of control) leading to the most crippling of responses, the freeze response, or depression.

What if the solution to anger where to control the controllables. To look at ones values, beliefs, boundaries and negotiate the threat. To use the anger in a positive direction, say exercising or commitment to winning.
What if the solution to anxiety were self knowledge in the areas of "away from" and maybe jogging or running.
And depression was movement once again with an emphasis on moving to cause from effect. Gaining some control back.

Overly simplistic? Anger=fight response….anxiety=flight response….depression=freeze response. Could the answers be with our ancestors and the limbic system in a left hemisphere (neo frontal cortex) "civilised" world.

The Limbic System and Mental Illness

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