The Question of Smoking-Various Methods to Facilitate Stopping

The behavior of smoking is a multilevel pattern. The end point of the pattern is reaching for the cigarette in a ritualized manner, always the same and usually trigerred by various contexts (stress, desire to relax, drinking, particular circumstance, etc.) We can disrupt this behavior at this end level by disrupting the ritualistic, other than conscious pattern by, for example, instructing them to "try in vain with the other hand", holding it for five minutes and introjecting a particular syntax into the mixture such as "cat shit", or whatever.

We can also create a new link to something disgusting we associate the client into. An image of a three day cat litter (multi cat) with plenty of fresh cigars, products of new diet of Iams, brown, fragrant, fresh, available, easy to squeeze between the fingers, with deep, strong, easily recognizable taste… well I found. I tell them about my large silver cat who was just dewarmed etc.

We can then ask them to close their eyes and hand them "for the last time" a piece of such a product wrapped in a thin plastic wrap. The shock usually disrupts the pattern. We can anchor that shock and disdain. Give them a posthypnotic suggestion that they will see and taste that freash organic matter….

We can also adres the problem at the level of them being "unbable to stop" and reframe that.

I had a client who smoked three packs a day. She believed she could not stop. I asked her why thought that. She said she "could not make a decision".

I asked her to close her eyes, and imagine a huge noise. It was an explosion of furnaces downstairs. She knew she could not walk out because the wall of fire was now blocking the exit. And now, a thick, black, sticky smoke was sipping into the room, choking her, taking out any available oxygen, her lungs were getting black, she was gasping for breath, knowing the end was near, an ugly, very ugly end…. I made horrible noises, gasping for breath, choking etc.

I asked her what she would do? She said she would jump off the balcony onto the concrete patio.

I asked her if she would wait for me to give her permission to do so. She said "No", she would do it anyway. I asked why. She said "To save her life".

So, I reminded her, she was able to decide to save her life.

I associated the smoke coming in into her life being threatened, made very compelling noices and depictions of smoked lungs. I installed massive fear and disgust. I handed her a cigarette. She could not smoke it.

She never smoked again.:)

The Question of Smoking-Various Methods to Facilitate Stopping

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