The Skill of Being Unteachable……..

saw this bit in today’s Wall Street Journal in their Management section:

"….When Audrey Kane joined TGI Friday’s U.S. division in 2005, the middle manager learned she might gain a vice presidency someday.
She became a regional VP of the restaurant chain in August 2009 – a year sooner than she expected. Ms. Kane believes her participation in an outside training program hastened her promotion because she improved her internal negotiation and networking skills.
TGI Friday’s put Ms. Kane through the year-long program because it considered her a "high potential" manager and wanted to further develop her skills. The Leadership Lab for Women, run by ELI Group, featured quarterly two-day group sessions and individual counseling. It "challenged her to think differently,” says John Neitzel, president of TGI Friday’s U.S. division.
Many companies are grooming high potential executives as they try to retain rising stars during the recovery, according to leadership consultants, business schools and management coaches.

The Center for Creative Leadership has seen enrollment in its high-potential programs climb about 25% from the recessionary low point in fall 2008, reports Roland Smith, a global talent researcher for the Greensboro, N.C., nonprofit.

"HiPos" like Ms. Kane typically get extra training, powerful mentors, "stretch" assignments and faster promotions. But beware: Simply winning this special status doesn’t guarantee you’ll achieve your lofty corporate ambitions.

In fact, a significant number of high potentials derail their careers because they act like anointed royalty. "They feel so entitled and fully baked that they don’t need to grow anymore,” says Christina Williams, managing director of ELI Group, a Dallas consultancy, which charges employers $15,000 per participant for the program that Ms. Kane went through. "They’re usually asked to exit the organization within a year.” :(

You might avoid that sad fate by being keenly aware of your gaps and developmental needs, Dr. Williams suggests. To increase your self-awareness, seek regular rigorous assessments and help crafting a personal development plan."

The Skill of Being Unteachable……..

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