Tokyo, Japan Workshops

This last Saturday, Oct. 16, I attended a four hour workshop led by Charlie Badenhop, an NLP trainer (and a member of this forum if I`m not mistaken).

The workshop was on Charlie`s unique blend of NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, Seitai Bodywork, and Aikido. I found Charlie to be a powerful change worker. His ideas on how the body has its own precise language were very interesting and he has an approach that, to my knowledge, is quite different than what most others in NLP are doing.

His website has many interesting articles written by him as well as others. If anyone is looking to explore NLP beyond its use for the brain in the head, I highly recommend visiting the site. He also has a twice monthly newsletter you can sign up for.

For anyone in or passing through Tokyo, his workshops are excellent.


Tokyo, Japan Workshops

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