Trouble Paying Attention Due to Music Playing in My Head :)

Hey, so I do this thing where there’s always music playing in my head. It’s not the annoying "oh no it’s crappy song stuck in my head" phenomenon, though. It’s actually usually really great songs that I’m really into at the time.

Now that’s fine and dandy when I’m walking home from work and it takes 45 minutes – don’t need to carry headphones around… But it often gets in the way of interactions with people. It makes me behave in a very ADD fashion. If I’ve got a really compelling song in my head, then I’ve basically got the attention span of a gnat. The effect is that someone might be speaking to me, and I’ll totally zone out, unless they’re amazing at speaking and maintaining my attention. Very few people do that, though, so I end up having trouble focusing on what people are saying to me sometimes.

The question is, what are ways of dealing with this? So far, I’ve tried to visualize a volume knob so I can turn it down, but that doesn’t really work. It works while I’m consciously trying to turn it down, but then I get distracted by THAT instead. Also tried some "being present" exercises, like focusing some attention on your feet, etc. but then I’m just distracted by the exercise. :)

What are some other ways to deal with this? I guess the "attention span" is the big thing, and the music seems to be the main blocker, but I’m not sure if that’s really the case… just my #1 culprit at the moment. Maybe it would be more useful to cultivate the ability to tune out the music (because by default, I am now tuning out the person, and it would be useful to be able to just choose whatever I decide is more useful).

Trouble Paying Attention Due to Music Playing in My Head :)

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