* WANTED * NLP Training Materials

Hi Guys,

I’m about to do my TT and want to run an NLP training in November but don’t have the materials to do it. So I am looking for someone who has training materials for NLP Prac (TLT not required) and is willing to either out of the goodness of their heart send to me or at least sell to me.

I require:
1 x training manual in Word format
1 x slideshow (pref. PowerPoint)
1 x workbook

If anyone is interested or can help out I would love to hear from you.

Thank you.
A bit about me:
I have been practising hypnotherapy since November, 2009 and NLP since around Feb, 2010 and am currently Master Prac trained. Most of my clients are quit smoking, weight-loss, anxiety, or general breakthrough. I also use EFT on occasions… but my passion is NLP and Hypnosis. Still have plenty to learn and am refining my skill set all the time, can’t wait to do training with Bandler and Grinder next! Am now passionate about training others in the craft of NLP. I have already seen what running a one day Intro to NLP seminar can achieve, so can’t wait to do a full NLP Prac training! All the best, Yoda..

* WANTED * NLP Training Materials

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