Weight Loss Hypnosis Fact or Fiction

The possibility that a person can be able to lose weight through weight loss hypnosis has sparked a lot of debate among nutritional and fitness experts. Some claim that this is only fiction and that hypnosis cannot make a person lose weight since there is no direct relationship between losing weight and hypnosis. For a person to lose weight the only logical way to go about is it by training and going on diet.

Does weight loss hypnosis exist?

For you to be able to believe that weight loss hypnosis exists you have to ignore any logical explanation because when it comes down to it, hypnosis goes against logic. Hypnosis has the ability to break almost every scientific rule.

According to fitness experts if you want to transform your body physique by losing weight the only approach which can help you achieve this is through going on a weight loss training regimen. Forget all about the science involved in losing weight, through hypnosis it is very possible to lose weight. I know this for a fact because I have first hand experience of weight loss hypnosis. I used to be overweight and no matter how many times I went on a diet or exercised my body did not respond to the training or to the dietary programs. A friend of mine later referred me to a weight loss hypnotist, and since I had tried all other means of losing weight which proved to be unsuccessful, I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I went to this weight loss hypnotist. I must say I was a bit skeptical at first but the results I got later on made me a strong believer of weight loss hypnosis.

Procedure of weight loss hypnosis

I can clearly remember the day I had booked my first appointment with the hypnotist. The first thing he did was to examine the various factors which made me become obese in the first place. I used to eat a lot when I was angry or depressed and I must say that was the major reason why going on diet never worked for me. He told me that my problem was psychological and not physical and the sooner we got to the bottom of it the sooner I would be able to lose weight.

In order to prepare me for the weight loss session he clearly studied my feelings first so that he could get a better understanding. This is a prerequisite of every weight loss hypnosis session. If you are very skeptical about whether the weight loss hypnosis session will work then your attitude is the one which is going to make the hypnosis session not work. You need to fully corporate with the hypnotist if you want to improve the chances of the weight loss hypnosis session working. The good thing about this form of weight loss approach is it takes only a few weeks before you start seeing positive results. I must say this was a major break through in my journey to lose weight.

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