Where to Start?

hey guys,

as I’ve mentioned, I am pretty new to NLP, and so have a very limited understanding of what it is, and how to "do" it. I was just wondering if you guys could recommend any online material for "noobs", looking to get a basic understanding of what NLP is, and how to start developing skills in the area?

At present I have a fairly hefty reading [waiting] list, non-NLP related unfortunately, so it would probably be some time before I could get around to reading any NLP books, which is why I was hoping for online material – I can see the somewhat ironic nature of this request :))

I have picked up one book, as I have been collecting reading material, called "change your life with NLP", by Lindsey Agness, which I haven’t gotten around to reading yet. Has anyone read it? What is your opinion of it?

Right, I’ve kind of prattled on here a bit, but if anyone could recommend any online atricles, or youtube [like] vids that would be worth checking out for a complete beginner, it would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance,


Where to Start?

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