Why Does It Have to Be "X with NLP"

I was thinking today, about all the books out there right now called something like: X with NLP or NLP for X.

And I’m wondering, why do the titles have to cling on to NLP?

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a downer on NLP. Of course, I’m a big advocate of NLP. And I know NLP is the essence the authors are using. But if the purpose of a book is to teach you how to, for example, sell better, why not call it just "How to sell". (You can always acknowledge NLP inside the cover.) Why does it have to be "How to sell with NLP"?

NLP is, after all, an enabling tool in doing new things, but it’s not the end in itself.

What do you think?


Why Does It Have to Be "X with NLP"

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