Words Sprung by the Unconscious Mind

Hi. I want to open a thread regarding a mind mechanism that bugs me the most. Sometimes my mind forms a phrase containing a key word that represents big issues for me.

Today, as I was parsing the random things that come through my mind, a phrase containing the word "leniency" passed through my mind. I translated it via dictionary, not knowing what it means. It means "gentleness". I have a big issue regarding violence. I want to get rid of violent thoughts, as I am afraid that I might be compelled by bad habits to become violent as a response to a stupid thing.

The point being is that I noticed that mind brings up words that to me personally traslate into a signal sent to me by my mind that says "get rid of that ASAP". I do not ask a for imediate solution, but I want to share this aspect.Maybe for some of us it might be useful to know.

It is fascinating to me that paying a little bit of attention can bring so many benefits.


Words Sprung by the Unconscious Mind

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