Working In NLP

The more explore NLP from the outside (at the moment) the more I notice that there is a glut of training courses – it seems that most NLP Practitioners make their money from training others in NLP, rather than the practical application of NLP.

Of course, I could be wrong.:)) :))

So – I would be interested to know:

How many of you make a full time living out of non-training NLP – using NLP on individuals or groups in the same way that a counsellor or hypnotist works?

How many of you run part time NLP practices?

How many of you just enjoy NLP for what it brings to your life, but don’t sell your knowledge and application?

How many of you use NLP as an add-on tool – and if this is the case, what are you adding it to?

And finally, if you sell your services to the public – what is their understanding of NLP?

What I trying to work out is – should I use NLP tools as an add-on model, but not specifically talk about it to clients – or should I be shouting it from the rooftops because the general public are all desperate to be NLPed? (I hope that makes sense!)

Working In NLP

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