Workshop Review – Frank Pucelik’s Magic in the Meta Model

This morning, as I was working with a client around an anxiety issue, I became suddenly aware that I was using something that I had learned just a few weeks back from a chap called Frank Pucelik.

The ‘technique’ was that of the listener strategically shifting their physiological response for the purpose of directing the speaker (in this case my client) towards connecting with their resources and disconnecting from problem patterns. And it was really working like a dream.

This small but potent little piece was only one of the gems I took from that weekend… and I have to say, I took many! To be sure I don’t understate this, that weekend, Frank blew my mind!

The training was called ‘The Magic inside the Meta model’, and we certainly got some of that – but boy, did Frank over deliver!

Firstly, we got Rep Systems taught like I have never known them taught before – as real SYSTEMS! Along with all the implications contained within them – how to spot what a person is operating in from dozens of different cues, how to modify your interactions as appropriate to get the best results, what kinds of behaviours and responses to expect from people operating from predominantly different systems, how to pattern interrupt different systems, how the meta model interfaces with the different systems, how they correlate with the Satir Categories… and a whole lot more! Their was so much content here; so much insight; so much "aha" magic as things (the illusive obvious) slotted into place.

Then there was the incredible amount of detail about Non-Verbal communication -since the training I have been aware of so much more of what is going on with people, as well as using my own non-verbals more effectively. Amongst this excellent material was the concept of the ‘Six Basic Calibrations’ – this was totally new to me, and from what I gathered, to virtually everyone on the room. I have to say that for the first time, through this training, I really got how to practically use the physiological correlates of a persons decision making ‘strategy’ to influence them (I’ve been taught this before, but never with any real clarity – Frank taught it with real clarity, like only a man with genuine skill and personal insight can.

Finally there was the meta-model detail itself. First thing I want to note here is that Frank organises the model differently form the standard presentations – the criteria for organisation is much more pragmatic I think (organised into three categories – Gathering Information, Expanding Limits and Changing Meanings). I like this structuring as it is more from the ‘user’ end, rather than the ‘modellers’ end.

There are also some differences in the content – in Frank’s rendering there is also the additional distinction of ‘reversed referential index’ which in some ways (for me) felt a little out of place… but from a Changework perspective seems to be one of the most powerful to challenge.

What I liked about how Frank taught the model was that the emphasis was on spotting the patterns and understanding the implications, rather than necessarily ‘challenging’ them. I really got a lot from this attitude and approach and have found that sensibility fitting in nicely with the way I like to work.

Now, of course, sometimes challenging and/or exploring is the fruitful path, and here again Frank impressed me greatly in doing so with creativity, humour and elegance rather than just firing off the standard blunt and obtuse challenges.

As you no doubt gather, I was greatly impressed by the content of this workshop, but the reason I write this review now is because I now appreciate it even more having been living with the learning for nearly a month – the material has made a real difference to me and those around me (clients, friends, family, business partners). Such a huge difference that I have to rate this as one of the most valuable trainings I have been on.

But as great as the content, there was something even more magical – Frank!

Frank, totally blew my socks off – a master communicator and story teller of the highest order! Absolute finesse!

In many ways I found Frank to be VERY similar to Richard Bandler… but with a lot more warmth and heart (sorry Richard). His storytelling, use of humour, ability to elicit fascination and teach indirectly are second to none. On top of this is a wonderful clarity in delivering technical details that fits seamlessly with the indirect stuff, making for an excellently balance learning experience (we have consciousness for a reason, and I think that is something Frank respects).

 My reading of Frank is that he is a really ‘giving’ person – like he wanted us all to get the best from him and would hold nothing back. Personally, I really appreciate this, because it seemed to really be about us and our learning and not one jot about Frank and his ego.

So, as you can tell, I was mightily impressed and enriched by the whole thing. Top marks!

This event was run by NLP Academy, and as I understand it, they will be having Frank back again. If/when they do…


I promise you if you do, you will learn stuff that you have not encountered before that will SERVE YOU GREATLY! And you will get the opportunity to witness a true master of communication work his magic. This is ‘NLP’ at it’s very best.

all the very best

James Tripp

Workshop Review – Frank Pucelik’s Magic in the Meta Model

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