Would an NLP’r Use the Elman Induction?

I really like the induction. I think it’s both quick and powerful and takes my mind to a very peaceful place. The act of relaxing my mind is something I’ve only really been aware of for a short while as opposed to physical body relaxation which I’ve practised for many years.

I take myself through the steps on my own and when I get to a very relaxed state of mind I then practice submodalities.

I did one where I had a picture in my mind of a tall glass of fizzy cola with ice. I could hear the fizz and a feeling of desire. I noted the location and distance and then thought about a glass of water… yuck. I don’t actually mind water but the difference in feelings towards both the coke and the water were oceans apart.

So I moved the glass of water into the coke position and made it wobble slightly to give it a movie quality as with seeing the fizzing of the coke and I got the EXACT same feeling of desire for the water. I sat with it for a moment and then said in my mind "I like water" and I got an instant feeling of certainty that this was the case.

I’m quite enjoying myself :)

Would an NLP’r Use the Elman Induction?

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