You Are Much Bigger Than Your Anxiety

I am guessing that there have been moments when your anxiety has gotten you down and you have asked yourself “why me?” “why do I have to  deal with an anxiety problem?”

It’s during moments like that when you need to step back and try to see the bigger picture of your life. Perspective really helps move you into a feeling of acceptance and when you come from acceptance, your anxiety dramatically decreases and you check in mentally less and less to see how you are feeling. Your attitude really does determine the speed of your recovery.

What we resist persists but what we accept goes through a positive transformation.

Nick Vujicic is an incredibly inspiring man. He completely transformed his life by a change in attitude. He still has no arms and no legs but his life is radically different.

This short video of him will move you into the bigger picture of your life and your challenges. It may be the most important video will see in 2011 and it is only 4 minutes long. Have a quick look then leave a comment below.

You Are Much Bigger Than Your Anxiety

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